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CRM Technology

CRM Apps of the Future

·7 mins
While I genuinely want to believe in Salesforce or The Next Big ThingTM will solve all of the world’s problems, I will never be more wrong in that belief. Customer applications are complex, riddled with intricacies specific to a company, industry, or region, and can make or break the business.

Insightly - Nifty CRM for Small Business

·7 mins calls itself #1 for small businesses, and over 50,000 users. So, does cut it when it comes to CRM. Let’s go check it out. What is Insightly? #Insightly is an integrated CRM and project management application that is targeted at small businesses.

Custom CRM? You must be joking.

·5 mins
A not-so-recent question on Quora, custom crm vs non-custom crm, asked whether custom (=built from scratch) solutions for CRM are better than the standard products. The question kind of tried to answer itself by pointing to a comparison of custom vs.

More Social Capabilities in Zoho CRM

·3 mins
I have written about Zoho CRM before, and also about basic capabilities to track social network profiles without any customization. Zoho is more than this, here we see more advanced social capabilities that can be enabled in the application.

Splendid CRM - A good CRM experience for a reasonable price

·3 mins
You want a reasonably good product with the bells and whistles for today’s tech-savvy, multi-device trotting users, at a reasonable cost. You are also interesting in tinkering with the code, and have potential plans for improving the product (not likely, but world can be crazier).