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Track your contacts, leads and more using Zoho Pulse

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Yet another feature like ‘Chatter’ in Salesforce ecosystem is Zoho Pulse. Pulse in Zoho CRM enables you to ‘follow’ leads, potentials, and contacts, and keep track of the most recent activities in one screen.

zoho pulse

You can track activities/records of interest in two ways:

  1. Manually, click ‘Follow’ button against the contacts
    zoho follow
  2. But, prefer the alternative -  automate this whole follow up business. To do this, go to ‘Pulse’ screen, click on ‘Automate your follow-ups’.
    zoho follow automate
    This will create a ‘automated follow-up’ record where you can specify the criteria for selecting the records to follow-up. The next time the potential, lead or contact satisfy the given criteria, you will automatically ‘follow’ them and see the details in the ‘Pulse’ screen.
    zoho follow configuration

It is important to follow only those that really need your attention or where you should be ‘in the know’. Do you use Pulse? Do you feel it’s useful?