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Create Salesforce Trial Orgs for Development & Demos

The ease of creating developer or demo playgrounds in Salesforce has always been a big plus for the platform.

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Simple Inbound REST API Using Apex

There are multiple options to create REST APIs to expose Salesforce data and processes, some of the popular ones being -

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CRM Evolution - The Rise of Autonomous and Self-Configuring Customer Relationship Management

Customer behaviors and expectations have been rapidly evolving in recent years.

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What is Salesforce Data Cloud (with use cases)?

Salesforce Data Cloud helps companies unify customer data from various sources, gain insights into customer behavior, and deliver personalized experiences across channels.

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5 Tools for Salesforce Gurus

Oh well, this was coming. The majority of the Salesforce experts have not quite arrived at expertise nirvana yet The ones who are there, are not quite ready to teach yet Despite that, there are few who (try to) teach but lack the practical skills to outline concepts, scenarios & relevant solutions .

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Salesforce Winter '24 Release Highlights for Developers

The Salesforce Winter ‘24 release is (almost?) in, and has a few interesting features for developers.

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Rest of CRM

Drop-down Instead of Pick Applets for Dynamic Picklists

In Siebel, it is common knowledge that - Static picklists are shown as values in a drop-down list on the field

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Read-only Behaviour Driven by Parent BC in Siebel

There are many ways to skin a cat (yes, it is a cliche), and there are indeed many ways to make a field read-only in Siebel .

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No Association List Available Error

Siebel developers who have configured at least one ‘decent’ associate applet would have seen this dreaded error.

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Call Server Script from Browser Script without CFG Changes

If you are one of the unfortunate souls stuck deploying Siebel local clients - you know how annoying is to setup package and deploy it to the users from time to time.

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Social Media Service - Yes, it works

I have been quite sceptical from the start about customer service through social media channels.

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CRM Apps of the Future

While I genuinely want to believe in Salesforce or The Next Big ThingTM will solve all of the world’s problems, I will never be more wrong in that belief.

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