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About crmcog site is the place to be to discuss, learn and celebrate the technology side of CRM. I created this website some time ago to share my thoughts on CRM technologies, and to help others in their journey with CRM.

About Me #

I have been on the good side of CRM implementations (well, almost) for the past two decades. My experience is in enterprise tech space and with commercial off-the-shelf products, but have consulted/implemented innovative products for a few SMBs.

I am currently heading the Practice at ITC Infotech. My previous experience has been in large Service Integrators, at Pragital (a company that I founded), and Oracle.

My interest in CRM technologies span Salesforce, Zoho CRM, Oracle Siebel, and more than few off-beat products that can be great CRM systems including Citrix Podio, Google AppSheet, and more.

What I am proud of?

  • Donning multiple hats as a Salesforce architect and practice head
  • Lending an ear and a hand to my fellow humans - be it technology, philosophy or just plain life
  • Having created a few applications as an entrepreneur

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License #

All content except software and code is © Code on is MIT licensed unless mentioned otherwise. Software licenses are mentioned in specific software posts and pages.

See Terms and Privacy Policy if you are into such things.

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