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Switch to Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud and Profit

·11 mins
Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud transforms your sales strategy and optimize your operations for maximum efficiency. Designed specifically for consumer goods companies, this powerful CRM solution offers a wide range of features and capabilities that can transform the way you do business.

5 Tools for Salesforce Gurus

·3 mins
Oh well, this was coming. The majority of the Salesforce experts have not quite arrived at expertise nirvana yet The ones who are there, are not quite ready to teach yet Despite that, there are few who (try to) teach but lack the practical skills to outline concepts, scenarios & relevant solutions .

What is Salesforce Data Cloud (with use cases)?

·7 mins
Salesforce Data Cloud helps companies unify customer data from various sources, gain insights into customer behavior, and deliver personalized experiences across channels. With Data Cloud, companies can create a single view of each customer by connecting data from CRM systems, email platforms, loyalty programs, and more.

Simple Inbound REST API Using Apex

·5 mins
There are multiple options to create REST APIs to expose Salesforce data and processes, some of the popular ones being - Directly use Object APIs Use composite APIs: Tie multiple APIs together in one call.

Create Salesforce Trial Orgs for Development & Demos

·2 mins
The ease of creating developer or demo playgrounds in Salesforce has always been a big plus for the platform. The ability to spin up a new org in a matter of minutes and start building for demos or for production facilitates easier visualization of capabilities and help teams to be more hands on with their solutions.

3 Things I Don't Like in Salesforce Lightning

·4 mins
Salesforce Lightning is great. We have a sophisticated UI for the Salesforce product in Lightning- Choose a wide-array of layouts and display graphical and text data Provide responsive UI for users on any device Enable layered security for data access and extend the business layer functionality well into the UI Make it easy to implement data-driven behaviour Lightning web components leverage the latest in web standards to provide a scaleable framework that can be well-supported in the foreseeable future.

Google Authentication in Salesforce

·3 mins
In this post we will see how Google authentication can be enabled in Salesforce using OpenID connect. We can enable Google authentication in Salesforce with these simple steps - Get Google credentials for authenticating users through your app Setup Google as an auth provider in your salesforce org 1.