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Salesforce Technology

Find Index of Element in Salesforce List

·2 mins
A Salesforce list and map are super convenient ways of operating on a collection in Apex. Let’s say you magically have some collections but need to find (and probably change) one of the elements in the collection - here’s how you can do that.

Run SOQL with SFDX and Export Results to File

·2 mins
Running SOQL against salesforce orgs is quite easy with SFDX. All you have to do is - sfdx force:data:soql:query -q "your_soql" -u="" Or, you could save a few of your favourite SOQLs in a scripts folder in your salesforce project root folder and run them on demand.

Developing in (2021 Edition)

·7 mins development experience has improved leaps and bounds over the past five years, and continues to rapidly innovate and evolve. So, how do you do development in 2021? Here’s a rundown of trends and the step-by-step guide to get started.

Should You Choose in 2021?

·4 mins
Salesforce is a leader in low-code platforms today, but what does that mean for developers? How do you do development in in 2021? Here a point of view. Trends of the Day: Low-code/No-code is In #We continue to see revolutionary developments in web technologies and that has a direct impact on how businesses work and use information in today’s world.

Salesforce for Students

·2 mins
Hey, folks. Not too long ago I was involved in an arrangement to speak to students pursuing bachelor and master degrees in India. The topic was on future opportunities and what they could do immediately after college.