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Salesforce for Students

·2 mins

Hey, folks. Not too long ago I was involved in an arrangement to speak to students pursuing bachelor and master degrees in India. The topic was on future opportunities and what they could do immediately after college.

I am all enthusiastic about and how it has changed the software ecosystem amongst enterprises. It also helps that multiple industries have recognised the value of a cloud platform and jumping ship to SFDC everywhere.

To no one’s surprise - I focused on why anyone would consider SFDC, how students can get trained and be employable.

Unfortunately, the talk never happened at the anticipated scale

I had prepared a small presentation for the talk and hopefully, it can help someone jump start their own talk to future IT professionals.

Download Presentation from SlideShare

Longer story #

  • After being in the IT industry for 17 years, I opted out to start on my own. My many experiments also included teaching technology and sharing my experience with those who would listen
  • I am active in custom application development nowadays
  • My strong belief - there will be a *lot* of action in low-code/no-code platforms, and (which is one of them) will continue to thrive in the business world
  • However, the thriving of Salesforce is not necessarily thriving of the salesforce developers. As in any industry, automation and simplification of IT for organisations will likely lessen the demand for core developers. That is for another day, eh?