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Salesforce Technology

Enable Notes in Salesforce

·3 mins
I am a big fan of all tools that help me organize. It is another story that I still stay disarrayed, but that’s just me. Notes of all types help me stay up to date, focus on the tasks at hand, and prioritize my day.

Encrypt Data through Platform Encryption

·5 mins
If you have worked on projects subject to regulatory compliance requirements, you would understand how important is the security (and tracking) aspects of the application. It is typical of those implementations to ensure data security through standard encryption mechanisms.

Salesforce Lightning strikes (again!)

·4 mins
Today was the beginning of the “all new Salesforce”. And, it wasn’t exaggerated - by and large. It is a fact of life that things get judged by the appearance. Salesforce has been an excellent CRM product but the UI, though functional, has looked dated for a while.

Browser compatibility in Salesforce

·3 mins
“Choice of browsers are a good thing for consumers” they say. Ask any developer and they may think you are crazy. Different browsers bring their own quirks, inconsistencies and benefits to the way they render content. IDE Tag Generator Tool

·2 mins
The typical way to configure in salesforce/ is to point and click. This is easy, effective and often the chosen way to do configuration to build applications on .. it is almost boring for developers like me.

Working with Dates in SFDC

·2 mins
Date fields are present everywhere in any CRM application, and SFDC is not an exception. SFDC provides a number of ways in which you can work with date fields. There are more than a few things that you will find unique here, that look “oh so obvious” in hindsight.

Multi-select Fields in Salesforce vs. Siebel MVF

·3 mins
Multiple-value fields, or multi-select fields are typical in any CRM system. For e.g. an account has multiple addresses, or, a contact can have multiple telephone numbers. But, so far CRM systems except Siebel have been laggards in implementing such a function.