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Salesforce Technology

Get your own subdomain for your Salesforce application

·2 mins
Salesforce URLs are confusing. The custom applications are no different. Even when they make the best effort, the turn out to be something like this - This helpfully tells me that I am connected to NA server, and I am on a JSP page.

Start building for salesforce1

·2 mins
For all you people wondering on where exactly to start with salesforce and salesforce1, this is just the guide that you were waiting for. All the tutorials, guides and more in one big web page that should take you from the beginner to expert in a few weeks if not days.

SFDC is a Platform

·2 mins
Or, rather is. SFDC is not in focus today because it is a beautiful CRM product, but because it enables you to so much more using the platform. Irrespective of whether you go all native, or use the force.