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Writing trends in Siebel is not bright, find your niche

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Siebel is not exactly shining, we have seen that before. But, if you are writing about Siebel technology, you should pick up niche topics to get some shine on your blog or website. The demand for generic content is just not there anymore.

siebel in google trends

Although, I cannot be naive in suggesting that Google Trends is reflective of the CRM market, it works in a couple of ways:

  • If the technology is in demand
    • there are more people jumping on to the tech. platform
    • more interest in generic searches
  • Technology demand is driven by business demand, not technologists. Newcomers (either potential buyers, or users) will naturally turn to Google to start from somewhere

If you are into writing for general Siebel technology topics, you need to find an alternate niche (if are serious about writing itself). The number of people waiting for newer Siebel articles are on the decline.

But, of course that does not mean the market does not exist entirely. If you are writing about Open UI, or specific Siebel how-to’s or issues, you will be able so sustain for now.

open ui in Google Trends