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Siebel 8.1 Bookshelf

·2 mins
Siebel Bookshelf is invaluable. You get all product documentation from bookshelf. That includes but is not limited to- How do Siebel applications function? User/business scenarios for various Siebel applications Oracle recommended practices for design and development Explanation of Siebel Tools and Application capabilities The earlier way of accessing bookshelf was straightforward.

Browser strategy for Siebel Open UI Applications

·4 mins
Siebel High Interactivity client, “HI” as it is lovingly known, is a simple world for admins. You select the Internet Explorer used in the organization. You copy the predeploy.htm for your own use and deploy the ActiveX controls through Windows admin tools, or just ask the user to click on Siebel URL and expect delays the first time.

Siebel deployment considerations

·4 mins
Siebel deployment is a project on its own. Although you can tell yourself that all your hard work is done by completing the system integration testing, experienced guys will tell you that your work is not complete until the application is deployed in production environment (& accepted by users :).

Data Security Enablers in Siebel CRM

·10 mins
Siebel CRM has been in the enterprise world for more than a decade. You’d expect any things that need to be done from a data security perspective is already done somewhere and by someone.

Where is Siebel headed anyway?

·5 mins
Bang out of the blue, a friend drew my attention to a past post on Infosysblogs that predicts a cheery future for Siebel. (broken link - Now none of the Indian IT industry veterans are doing a fantastico job on innovation.

How does Siebel Open UI work?

·3 mins
Previously we have seen the architecture of Siebel Open UI. The architecture details all the components that come together that make Open UI tick. A brief description of those components also outline its role in the overall picture.

Test Driven Development for Siebel

·3 mins
Unit testing is something that I always want to attain perfection in, but almost never do. Not delving in the challenges/resolution action in the process/ execution in a packaged product implementation scenario, I want to take this article in a different direction – test driven development for Siebel.