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You want Siebel, but what you get is Sales Cloud

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I knew the situation with Siebel CRM was bad, we have seen all that before. But the full scale of importance for Siebel (or the lack of it) is apparent in a Google search.

A search for Siebel has all the obvious links – Wikipedia’s take on Siebel, and the Oracle’s Siebel page.  What you must see is the Google text ad that kicks in for Siebel key word. Click on the link and surprise - you don’t get information about Siebel, but it is about Sales Cloud.


And it gets worse - the link advertised displayed in the ad is not even available. (Siebel product page is now at, if you are wondering.)


Is it the all new way of nudging the product to obsolescence? Or just an ad purchased eons back with no care for updates?