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New Javascript Certification by Salesforce

·4 mins does a good job of defining certification paths and encouraging people to become certified.

Salesforce ecosystem is complex and there is something for everyone to do. Naturally, their certifications have evolved into different paths including -

  1. Developer
  2. Administrator
  3. Consultant
  4. Marketing Specialist
  5. .. and a host of others

Each path has a series of exams that you can attend to advance further in knowledge (and possibly in your career). See more details on the various certification paths from Trailhead. Or, see our own free study guide for becoming Salesforce Developer certified.

Salesforce just added one more certification to the mix for the developer path recently - Salesforce Certified Javascript Developer I.

Why Javascript? #

Visualforce was the default customisable UI in Salesforce for years. When that gave away to Lightning Aura, and later on, Lightning Web Components, something remarkable happend.

  • Salesforce started using many of the underlying standards and tools that became available with the advancements in HTML and Javascript technologies
  • It became easier to find talent since developers can now adopt quickly to Salesforce way of doing things (we are still talking about the frontend development here)
  • The ecosystem became standardized to Industry practices
  • The new architecture is component-based, application-centric and is more productive (subjective?), easier to reuse and maintain

A Visualforce page vs. Lightning page

At the same time, this also meant that we see more of Javascript than ever before. As salesforce developers creating frontend magic, we also see more and more standards including web components, easier styling, and development toolsets.

Enter the importance of learning Javascript, which is currently the only language driving the web. The Lightning framework already included Javascript, but with the advent of LWC we just get to see, er.. more of it.

How to get Salesforce Javascript Developer I certified? #

As I understand the certification is intended at two kinds of developers -

  1. Salesforce developers who are focused on the front-end. They have to learn Javascript and demonstrate their knowledge therein
  2. Javascript developers who intend to do Salesforce front-end development

Salesforce says that Javascript developers can easily learn development on Lightning framework and this certification enables them to prove it to themselves, and to others, on their mastery 🙂

Acquiring the Salesforce Javascript Developer I credential comprises of two parts.

Part 1: Get LWC Specialist super badge #

Complete this super badge called “Lightning Web Components Specialist” targeted at developers who are interested in frontend development.


Super badges are fun (but also sometimes scary). Regardless it is quite an involved process - you are expected to complete a number of courses on Trailhead that culminate in a project. You get to not only implement what you learnt in the project, but can also have this effect of seeding a level of doubt in your capabilities.

This part is like an open-book test. You can take your own time to complete the individual courses and to do the project. You will be evaluated by a tool to determine whether you can enter the elite club of LWC specialists. No real humans, other than yourself, are involved in this process.

Part 2: Attend an exam #

Attend the Salesforce Javascript Developer I exam and pass it with flying colors (i.e., score >= 65%).

You have to attend this exam online or in an exam center (the latter cannot happen in 2020).

  • Content: 60 multiple-choice/multiple-select questions ( with 5 non-scored questions)
  • Time: 105 minutes
  • Registration fee: $200 (Re-take fee: $100)

You will once again get evaluated by our computer overlords to admit you to the club.

How to prepare for the exam? #

Salesforce recommends 1-2 years of experience developing in Javascript to attempt the Salesforce Certified Javascript Developer I exam.

The topics include the typical components of Javascript -

  • Data Types, Type conversion & Operators
  • Scope
  • Functions & higher-order functions
  • Data Structures: Objects & Arrays
  • Document Object Model
  • Classes, Modules
  • Events
  • Error Handling
  • Debugging
  • Testing
  • Asynchronous Programming
  • Server-side JavaScript

You would have likely encountered many, if not all, of the topics in your regular Javascript life. But, as it happens quite a lot (at least for me), you may need to brush up on the nuances of the topics.

The following learning materials can be useful.

Frankly, there are just too many resources for learning Javascript on every corner of the Internet. I will just stop there.

Should you take this exam? #

Salesforce is only set to grow for the near future. As Salesforce grows and there is demand for new talent, you see more of external developers hopping onboard. Salesforce Javascript Developer I exam provides an easier way to get into the Salesforce world.

If you are a Salesforce developer, you would have already seen the world changing every other week. Knowing more Javascript improves your development skills in Lightning, and (I hope) that will lead to more exciting work.

In summary - yes, you should certainly take the exam if you are serious on being a wholesome Salesforce developer.