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Switch to Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud and Profit

·11 mins
Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud transforms your sales strategy and optimize your operations for maximum efficiency. Designed specifically for consumer goods companies, this powerful CRM solution offers a wide range of features and capabilities that can transform the way you do business.

What is Salesforce Data Cloud (with use cases)?

·7 mins
Salesforce Data Cloud helps companies unify customer data from various sources, gain insights into customer behavior, and deliver personalized experiences across channels. With Data Cloud, companies can create a single view of each customer by connecting data from CRM systems, email platforms, loyalty programs, and more.

Checklist to Prepare for Salesforce UAT

·5 mins
UAT or User Acceptance Testing is when your application gets tested by the subject matter experts and users. It is (one of the) last crucial steps to get your application put to real-world usage in production.

New Javascript Certification by Salesforce

·4 mins does a good job of defining certification paths and encouraging people to become certified. Salesforce ecosystem is complex and there is something for everyone to do. Naturally, their certifications have evolved into different paths including -

Free Resources to Get Salesforce Certified

·3 mins
Hello, everyone. Tough times are on, and I hope each of you is safe and doing ok considering the circumstances. Take care, people. Long pending updates #First order of business - I apologise for going away for so long.

Salesforce Goes Vertical

·2 mins has been a successful CRM product, but has severely lacked one important aspect - focus on industry-specific solutions. Other CRM products (Siebel in particular, MS CRM to an extent and others) have boasted about hyper industry-specific functionality.

Trailhead - Learn and have fun

·3 mins
Trailhead is a learning platform introduced in the last year by Salesforce. And sure enough, Trailhead is getting its share of positive marketing through a variety of means. After all, we are talking about one of the coolest learning platforms for the largest CRM company.

Build your battlestation

·1 min
Trailhead continues to amaze me. The courses are created in an exciting way to say the least. The set up of various trails, modules and projects, the use of language are just excellent.