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Free Resources to Get Salesforce Certified

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Hello, everyone.

Tough times are on, and I hope each of you is safe and doing ok considering the circumstances. Take care, people.

Long pending updates #

First order of business - I apologise for going away for so long.

I created my own company in the last year, and things have been busy. I moved away from CRM a bit to focus on web applications and have built more than few cool apps in the last year.

But anyway, I am back (again).. and with some exciting news.

I had been doing a bit of exploration and have some exciting news. As a company we are now more focused on smaller CRM products and of course, a bit of salesforce.

When I was trying to explore more and train people for a company that I consulted for, I could not find many reliable, up-to-date, structured learning materials for salesforce.

Don’t get me wrong - Trailhead is great, and many smart folks have worked hard to put their own version of self-study guides. But what we wanted was something more structured to provide a comprehensive overview of Salesforce and at the same time prepare one for the certifications (Administrator and Platform Developer I).

I could not say “no” to such a challenge.

Salesforce Learning and Certification Self-Study Resources #

I created some learning materials earlier last year and am delighted to open it up for all.

Want to jump to the resources? Just navigate to

salesforce admin and developer certification guide and tutorials

What sf-cog is about -

  • Free, structured self-study guide for admin (ADM201) , App Builder and Platform Developer I certifications
  • Learning resources for salesforce
  • Workshops to try out at the end of each chapter
  • Case studies that provide real-world problems for you to solve
  • Teaching aids including presentation materials. You can even white-label these course materials for a small fee

And, when I say “free” - it really is. The course material and code have permissive licenses for individuals and companies.

We welcome any contributions towards development of these learning resources on GitHub - see contributing guidelines on sf-cog website.

Two things to keep in mind though -

  1. This is work in progress. There are quite a few updates to be made
  2. I will keep these updated (hopefully, with some help) through years to come. So, this is a long-term project

End word #

I am fully aware that this blog has been neglected for a while. I will make every effort to make it up to everyone 🎉

Meanwhile, if you are interested in web development, static sites, NodeJS, and more of that - check out my posts on I completed about 400 silly posts over the last year and that is still going strong 🙂