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crmgamified - Gamifying CRM

·2 mins

Who does not love playing a game (and better yet, win it)? This element of human psychology can make the more mundane jobs like effective usage of CRM system interesting - at least, that’s what gamification proponents will want us to believe. But gamifying CRM has been all rage, with too little progress on the ground. The tying up of CRM activities with something that encourages healthy competition amongst the system users (typically employees, but may include end-customers in some form) is yet to take off and gain wide acceptance. Enter crmgamified a product on Microsoft Dynamics by UruIT dynamiX .

Game Plan for Gamification #

  1. Identify activities, tasks that need to be rewarded. This is not necessarily directly proportional to the value in real world
  2. Encourage users to effectively utilise the system through points, badges and what not. Provide clear goals on the activities/tasks that can get users more goodies
  3. Trumpet achievements, make sure it gets noted within the community
  4. Find some way of rewarding achievers in the real world

How does crmgamified fare? #

Pretty well actually. Since this was my first time with Dynamics as well, I found some aspects to be annoying. But overall the application behaves as it is advertised.

We start with a clear home page that makes sure of my standing in the great game, with all the happenings around me.

crmgamified - home page

There after each activity that is of interest gets a point or two. For e.g. qualifying a lead gets a badge, creating an opportunity or a campaign gets points. All progress is showcased back to the community.

I was also impressed about how the social aspects within the user community has been utilized within Dynamics. What really took away the feel-good experience was the performance of the system. Not entirely sure of the causes, but the fact that I was using a pre-release version can be one of them.

Excited enough to try it out yourself? Head over to, and request to use an online demo or try it out in your own Dynamics installation.