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Salesforce Apex

Apex Debug Log Analyser

·1 min
Apex logs are full of “stuff”. While that generally may be a good thing, getting around to the problem at hand may be a tad bothersome. I don’t quite spending a lot of time debugging, but debug statements + log filters in Developer Console have been my go-to tools like any good developer.

Capture Apex Errors in Salesforce Objects

·3 mins
What do you do if you want to capture exceptions in Apex? Since Apex is a Java-like language, your gut instinct will be to do something like this - Id inAcctId = '0011J00001mZTMsQAO'; try { Integer someNum = 1; if (someNum == 1) { throw new IllegalArgumentException('I err ' + Datetime.

Salesforce Apex for Programmers

·26 mins
This is Salesforce Apex introduction for programmers. It can also serve as a quick reference that no one ever seems to need. Why? #Because I was tired of seeing the same “what is a constant and variable” type posts that goes through everything from defining how beautiful SFDC is, how Apex can make your dreams come true, and finally get to expanding “OOP”.

Apex Recipes by Salesforce

·4 mins
I am excited about the recent announcement of Apex recipes by Salesforce. Apex is every developer’s tool to create magic with Salesforce for a long time now. Despite the many features introduced in it’s “no code” counterparts incl.

SFDX on any org (preview)

·2 mins
Did you miss all the sfdx goodness on your developer org? Me too. I have just one partner org, but have tens of them on dev edition. This meant either using the workbench, or switching to default IDE on Eclipse.

Learn Apex the Right Way

·3 mins
I have a love-hate relationship with the process of learning a new programming language. On one hand, learning a new language is the thing that I want to do most. Or, I like to think that way.