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Salesforce1 is out, here are top 5 reasons to start exploring it today

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It is fairly obvious that SFDC is doing many things right, and the latest announcements confirm they are on the right track. I am referring to the recent announcement of Salesforce1.

Internet of Things is a concept that is exciting to say the least. So, when someone comes along and puts forward the concept of “Internet of Customers” – we are all worked up to find out how that works. But not in this post, and not all in one go.

There are many CRM platforms out there, but it is expected of SFDC to lead the pack with its innovations. That is the sheer responsibility of being a leader. While the mobile-first approach comes as no big surprise in this time and age, it is the very first thing that we have to tick-off in our list. The introductory video has the desktop application only for customization, as you rightly expect in almost all showcase videos nowadays. With this being considering #1, we now go to see the five reasons why you would want to explore Salesforce1 today.

Salesforce1 #

  1. The refresh of UI is refreshing to say the least. The feed-first UI that acts as a single platform for all devices with a develop-once, deploy-everywhere approach was much needed. The effectiveness remains to be seen though

  2. Salesforce1 provides ten times the APIs as found in the current platform. Building a market along with ISVs is the future of applications, where an individual or a small team cannot dream up all the problems and solutions on the platform. ISVs provide a symbiotic part that can easily take the system in places where no application has been before

  3. The two application concept for admins is interesting but not quite simplifying things – while one (SalesforceA) is for user permissions while the other (Salesforce#) is for two-factor authentication

  1. The new app marketplace includes a new revenue sharing model and also offers publishing on private AppExchanges as well (more on this later)

  2. Best of all – it is a free upgrade (well, you don’t pay money to upgrade but you certainly have to test)