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Start building for salesforce1

·2 mins

For all you people wondering on where exactly to start with salesforce and salesforce1, this is just the guide that you were waiting for. All the tutorials, guides and more in one big web page that should take you from the beginner to expert in a few weeks if not days.

Head over to Getting Started on Salesforce1 Platform with an “Hour of Code”.

However note that:

  • You have to pick and choose what you want to learn. This article is also targeted towards non-coders and administrators, so techies should take note (and not blame me for the direction)
  • platform does not go away because of salesforce1. There is still some debate on what exactly salesforce1 is. Until it settles down, I would choose the ‘platform’ option for salesforce1. Though salesforce1 represents a mobile-first development, it is better to understand the development of an app in the old fashioned way. We deviate and enhance only later on
  • If you are from a technical background, it is a good idea though to go through each and every topic before you choose to narrow down to one topic of interest. For example. VisualForce may not be for everyone but you still want to know it to take full use of salesforce1 platform