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Debugging Siebel Web Client

·3 mins

I am of the view that: Development = 80% debugging, 20% writing new stuff.

Debugging your own code, or that written by others is what you will do most of your coding life. So, it makes absolute sense to know the tools of trade available at your disposal.

Set Debug parameters for Siebel Web Client #

Control for a Siebel web client lies on the server. That is where all the fun happens and all events are handled. There are exceptions for client-side handling, but you get the idea.

Any logging changes for web client happens mostly on server.

Change Logging using using Siebel srvrmgr UI #

When you want a specific server component to tell you more information about what it is doing, you do this -

  1. Locate the Siebel component in Administration - Server Configuration > Servers
  2. In the Events subview tab, you can see all the logging parameters that can be changed from a level of 0 to 5. I recommend a level of 4 for any sane debugging needs, else retain this at 1.
  3. Either change the parameter value for specific events. Or, use Edit menu > Change Records > All option to change  value for all events

That is it. You don’t have to change any other values, the log events are now being written to the files in the Siebel log directory on the server.

Change Logging using Siebel srvrmgr command line option #

Alternatively you can use the Siebel srvrmgr commands to do this.

Connect to Siebel server manager through a DOS prompt. Issue following command:

change evtloglvl <event_alias_name>=<event_level> for [server <server_name>] component <component_alias_name>


  • event_alias_name is the specific event alias - you can find them in the server manager GUI, or using the list command (see below). Use % for changing all events for a given component.
  • Server name is optional
  • event_level is 0 to 5
  • server is optional. You can change logging levels for one particular server. If you ignore this parameter the levels will change for all servers

For example:

change evtloglvl SQLError = 4 for component WfProcBatchMgr

To change ALL event log levels, just use a % instead of a specific name.

change evtloglvl % = 4 for component WfProcBatchMgr

If you cannot recall event alias names (who would?), you can use the following command to list all available names.

list evtloglvl for component <component_alias_name>

You can also enable the log events for specific users. Change the value of server component parameter List of users to a comma separated list of user logins. For e.g.

Parameter = List of users
Value = SADMIN

This is immensely helpful to debug problems with only a specific set of users and not enable logging for all users - especially in production environments. Just remember to change it back to blank value if you need to apply the increased log levels for all users.

Also, check out details on  enabling logging in Siebel Developer Client.