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Oracle DB Environment Parameters for Siebel

·2 mins
Debugging performance issues is probably the most common activity for any ‘decent’ Siebel installation. The process for this is quite methodical - Check logs Retrieve SQL Run SQL while connected to database using any of the DB tools Hit your head against the wall, and repeat steps There are only a few tools to help you simplify the process, but the activities are not really automated completely.

Siebel IP 2015 Installation

·4 mins
It is high time I try to learn something new in Siebel. The puny IP 2013 at work could not cough up anything exciting anymore, and so I decided it was time to move on to greener pastures.

Concurrency control in Siebel

·3 mins
Siebel is an application accessed by users through browser. There is no external controls to prevent different users from working on the same record. The record may also be updated in the local database on Siebel Remote Client/Mobile devices.

Things to Consider While Activating Siebel Workflows

·2 mins
Siebel workflows are indispensable for implementing business rules within the Siebel application. They provide a powerful, declarative framework for diagrammatically representing the logic that is easily maintainable, scalable across releases and less prone to errors and memory leaks.

Siebel High Interactivity Framework

·6 mins
Siebel High Interactivity, fondly called HI, was the default way of accessing Siebel application over the web or in offline mode - until Open UI made its debut. What is Siebel HI Framework?

Delete orphaned files from Siebel FileSystem

·2 mins
It is quite easy to forget about filesystem. All that you do is to create a file in the application, an application is going to take care of moving the actual attachment to the file system and creating a record in the database.

Siebel Configuration(CFG) File Explained

·11 mins
Have you seen Siebel CFG file lately? For more Siebel developers CFG file is something that you need to set up during the very beginning of the project, and then it becomes transparent.

ActiveX Considerations for Siebel HI deployments

·3 mins
High interactivity client started as the cutting edge technology to provide rich client functionalities during the early 2000’s. I will not getting into how much relevant to this age when JavaScript can create desktop applications, But it is suffice to say that HI had a crucial role to play for a long long time.

Debugging Siebel Web Client

·3 mins
I am of the view that: Development = 80% debugging, 20% writing new stuff. Debugging your own code, or that written by others is what you will do most of your coding life.