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Trace On-The-Go for Siebel [with UI]

·2 mins

A discerning reader might remember the trace on demand utility posted here last time. It was fairly simple vb script that gets the job done, and is adequate for a developer. But the whole world is moving towards GUI, and I am all for it - particularly when I am experimenting with something new. What started as a HTML5 project for something else quickly degenerated into HTA, experiments with CSS, Javascript and IE quirks to use in the Siebel world . So here we go - a all new trace on-the-go script for Siebel. [with UI].

COG Siebel Trace Utility

Capability-wise it provides the ability to trace when required for object allocation/deallocation, as well as for SQL. It builds on the older variation with ability to get/set profile attributes, and get some basic information. The source is released under GNU GPL, feel free to modify, improve and share with others.

Download it here.

Disclaimer #

USE THIS TOOL AT YOUR OWN RISK. The tool uses ActiveX controls, and requires to be run as a HTA, or for you to trust the website offering the tool as a HTML page. Both have security risks, and can cause severe damage to data if the code has been tampered with. Analyze the script, and use it only if you understand all risks. The author does not accept any responsibility for any damages arising out of this tool.

License #

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of MIT License.