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Siebel is here

·1 min

Siebel version is here and brings a few important things back to Siebel in the form of Open UI enhancements.

Among them:

  • Siebel Open UI receives some needed fixes and enhancements
  • Dispatch board should work (or not, see below)
  • Siebel Search (Siebel Find represented by Binocular button before) works
  • Siebel Loyalty gets a few enhancements

Maintenance Release

Read Open UI enhancements at

We did find some issues in our preliminary tests though:

  • Siebel search results are separated by semi-colons, and appear ugly (possibly some CSS issues that can be resolved)
  • After 2-3 navigation steps, the navigation bar at the top overlaps with the applet action buttons. This may or may not be interfering with some issues with the overall navigation itself

Open UI performance ‘felt’ better, but there has been hardly any time to know that for sure. More updates here as I come to know more.