SuiteCRM heading to KickStarter

SuiteCRM is often called super charged SugarCRM.


SuiteCRM started their services on SugarCRM. Even today they carry themselves as experts best known on how to extend SugarCRM Community Edition. As SugarCRM went more and more into commercial open source space, the guys at SuiteCRM created a separate fork. They provide many more capabilities in the completely Open Source SuiteCRM, as compared to the Community Edition of Sugar.

See the comparison between SugarCRM and SuiteCRM

Combine the additional capability with the lower price they offer for both on-demand (web-based) and on-premise versions [=free of cost], you have a product that rocks for smaller businesses.

SuiteCRM has announced plans to raise funds on Kickstarter for further development. Although they are hardly the first company to do so, they are one of the few CRM companies following this route.

SuiteCRM plans to raise $250K and use the funds to:

  • Create a Responsive theme that will work great on mobile devices

  • Replace the current WYSIWYG editor with a contemporary web editor

  • Enhancements to Campaigns capabilities

  • Replace the current email client with a better client

  • Enhancements to reporting tool to include the generation of charts and dashlets

See the full development roadmap to know more.


SuiteCRM is from people who are passionate about CRM and Open Source. The outcome from the funding campaign will be open source, and freely available to those who need inexpensive CRM.

Support SuiteCRM on Kickstarter to make a better product! (details to be announced on October 1st)


Update 1-Oct:

Kickstarter campaign for SuiteCRM is live.

The goal is to make 100 enhancements in 400 days. The targeted funding of £200,000 will help push that goal through.


Update 2-Nov:

The funding target was not reached by the campaign end date of 1-Nov. Looks like the product has some way to go before gaining enough mind share and get successfully funded.