Siebel UI Field Mapper

Often external interface developers, Siebel developers themselves and other people who tend to show an interest in Siebel development from time to time, would want to know the source of all mysteries or rather, the source of a control displayed on the UI. Though Siebel presents a typical n-tiered architecture and it is not that difficult to extract and document this information, typical Siebel systems do not have one and one is required to create the documentation. Lo and behold, the below Siebel UI field mapper SQL automates part of that interesting task..

Though an explanation is not necessarily needed, it allows me to show off that I do understand the SQL.

  • Consider only the relevant responsibilities that will be provided during execution
  • Get the view, applet, control, BC, field and drop-down (picklist) information
  • Consider form and list applets separately and do a union of the query. This is just to improve performance, and keep the individual queries simpler
  • Start from the responsibilities, get the views tagged to each responsibility. Get the applets in the views, and their BCs
  • Get the all controls/list columns in the applet, get the corresponding BC fields, and the LOV information

Note that this SQL does not obtain only the relevant controls. For example, a control can be hidden for “Siebel eMedia” application, but still shows up in the query.

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