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Siebel Tools SRF compilation takes a long time

·2 mins

When you install v8.1.1.11 the first thing that you observe is that the Siebel application does not start up properly .

You will eventually find the solution, and want to move on – but Siebel Tools seems to take forever to do the compilation. A compilation that would have happened in 1 hr on a computer earlier, will take up to 4 hours after on the same computer.

It would also look like Siebel Tools simply hangs during the compilation, especially during compilation of –

  • Integration Objects

  • Tables

  • Applets

You just sit tight watching this for a really long time.

siebel tools srf compilation takes time

I was doing this compilation connected to a sample database, and had little choice. I did not want to start downloading SRFs for all languages, and made a mistake by under-estimating the just how much time one compilation will take.

siebel tools srf compilation delays

Oracle has acknowledged that Siebel Tools compilation connected to a local database is expected to take a lot of time (document 1904272.1 ). The work around suggested is to use carry out the full compile connected to the server database. Good luck doing that if you are working 12 hours away from the server database.

I would have believed that the compilation was taking a long time since the repository size jumped from merging the two code-lines of 8.1.x and 8.2.x merging with each other. But I could not find that being pointed out as the cause for the observed performance issues with compilation.