How did Siebel ODBC settings disappear in Windows 7?

How did Siebel ODBC settings disappear in Windows 7?

You are happy that Siebel 8 supports Windows 7. You install a fresh instance of Windows 7, Siebel on top of it. And, you will see none of our beloved Siebel local DB connections in the ODBC settings.

You can in fact observe the same behaviour in Windows 8.


  1. Running ODBCAD32 from Start > Run as always

  2. Go to Control Panel > Setup Data Sources (ODBC)

Both display the same window –

siebel odbc settings

Don’t panic.

Your shiny new Windows 7 installed in a corporate environment is most likely a 64-bit system. Siebel has happily installed the ODBC data sources somewhere else. To get that type the following in Run window –


It so happens that Siebel Tools and Client support a 32-bit architecture. The legacy program support in the 32 bit mode is done by Wow64 in 64-bit operating systems. Hence you will see the Siebel ODBC connections in a new place.

Siebel Tools and Client run just fine with these underlying changes to Windows architecture. There are no other changes required.

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