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Salesforce Goes Vertical

·2 mins has been a successful CRM product, but has severely lacked one important aspect - focus on industry-specific solutions. Other CRM products (Siebel in particular, MS CRM to an extent and others) have boasted about hyper industry-specific functionality.

Trailhead - Learn and have fun

·3 mins
Trailhead is a learning platform introduced in the last year by Salesforce. And sure enough, Trailhead is getting its share of positive marketing through a variety of means. After all, we are talking about one of the coolest learning platforms for the largest CRM company.

Enable Notes in Salesforce

·3 mins
I am a big fan of all tools that help me organize. It is another story that I still stay disarrayed, but that’s just me. Notes of all types help me stay up to date, focus on the tasks at hand, and prioritize my day.

Encrypt Data through Platform Encryption

·5 mins
If you have worked on projects subject to regulatory compliance requirements, you would understand how important is the security (and tracking) aspects of the application. It is typical of those implementations to ensure data security through standard encryption mechanisms.

Learn Apex the Right Way

·3 mins
I have a love-hate relationship with the process of learning a new programming language. On one hand, learning a new language is the thing that I want to do most. Or, I like to think that way.

Build your battlestation

·1 min
Trailhead continues to amaze me. The courses are created in an exciting way to say the least. The set up of various trails, modules and projects, the use of language are just excellent.

Salesforce Lightning strikes (again!)

·4 mins
Today was the beginning of the “all new Salesforce”. And, it wasn’t exaggerated - by and large. It is a fact of life that things get judged by the appearance. Salesforce has been an excellent CRM product but the UI, though functional, has looked dated for a while.

Browser compatibility in Salesforce

·3 mins
“Choice of browsers are a good thing for consumers” they say. Ask any developer and they may think you are crazy. Different browsers bring their own quirks, inconsistencies and benefits to the way they render content.