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Apex Recipes by Salesforce

·4 mins
I am excited about the recent announcement of Apex recipes by Salesforce. Apex is every developer’s tool to create magic with Salesforce for a long time now. Despite the many features introduced in it’s “no code” counterparts incl.

New Javascript Certification by Salesforce

·4 mins does a good job of defining certification paths and encouraging people to become certified. Salesforce ecosystem is complex and there is something for everyone to do. Naturally, their certifications have evolved into different paths including -

Free Resources to Get Salesforce Certified

·3 mins
Hello, everyone. Tough times are on, and I hope each of you is safe and doing ok considering the circumstances. Take care, people. Long pending updates #First order of business - I apologise for going away for so long.

Salesforce for Students

·2 mins
Hey, folks. Not too long ago I was involved in an arrangement to speak to students pursuing bachelor and master degrees in India. The topic was on future opportunities and what they could do immediately after college.

Retrieve SFDC Attachments using REST

·5 mins
Salesforce changed the way files are managed with Lightning Spring 17 release, and this introduced a more elaborate procedure to reach the files from external systems. The API call is not as straight-forward as retrieving the ‘body’ to get file content (which was the case earlier).

SFDX on any org (preview)

·2 mins
Did you miss all the sfdx goodness on your developer org? Me too. I have just one partner org, but have tens of them on dev edition. This meant either using the workbench, or switching to default IDE on Eclipse.