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SiebelLogaliser - Analyser of Log Files

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Debugging Siebel log files is not exactly an exciting affair.

You open log files, search for specific statements that you think will drill down to the error, make note of the performance of various SQL statements, and in general navigate through MBs of logs in the hope of locating the issue quickly.

Here’s a utility that can make it a bit easier for you - innovatively named “SiebelLogaliser”.

What is SiebelLogaliser? #

SiebelLogaliser is a simple program to analyze Siebel log files.

log analyser for siebel

SiebelLogaliser does pretty straight forward things -

  • List the SQLs and the time consumed by them
  • List Siebel statements in the log and time consumed between two statements
  • Errors reported in the log

All this information is listed in a tabular format enabling you to have a bird’s eye view of things. You can drill down on the line numbers to open the specific line of the log file in an editor and debug further.

You can control the statements reported here by using “Min Time” parameter. You specify distinct minimum time for the SQLs and log statements.

The time taken by SQL is the time required for the statement execution in the database - as reported by Siebel application in the log file. The time reported between two Siebel statements in the log may denote idle time or the time consumed by Siebel itself.

You can use SiebelLogaliser for some quick debugging of log files generated by Siebel client, Siebel server components, or a spool file.

Just hover on any field in the program, and know more information about it.

Download here..

Download SiebelLogaliser

System Requirements #

  • Windows Operating System
  • .NET framework

Tested on Windows 8 and Windows 10 64 bit systems.

What does it cost? #

SiebelLogaliser is made available to you completely free. Find the code at

There are no restrictions on its usage - as long as the usage is for the purpose defined above.

Support #

Help yourself!

How can you help? #

  • Fork the repository, or open a pull request
  • Spread the word!
  • Subscribe to my mailing list for updates.
    You can do this with a few key strokes and a click from the sidebar.
  • Report issues

License #

MIT License. Go to GitHub repository for latest updates.