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Leverage runtime events for Siebel workflows

·3 mins
Siebel workflows are quite for powerful validation and automation tools. I’ll even go to the extent of recommending workflows as one-in-all solution, as a vehicle for your more complex scripting needs, and for integration of course.

Error retrieving next record in Siebel

·4 mins
I have seen multiple instances and variations of the following error: Error retrieving next record from the database.(SBL-DBC-00104) You will get this error when you navigate to one or more specific views.

throw to debug Siebel eScript

·1 min
“throw” statement in Siebel eScript is inherited from the ECMA script. It will pass the error details back to the caller if there is an error during the script execution.

All about joins in Siebel

·6 mins
Joins in Siebel are well-known. In fact, conversations and most interviews will begin like this: Interviewer: Could you please share examples of your Siebel work that added significant value to the customer’s business?

Data Security Enablers in Siebel CRM

·10 mins
Siebel CRM has been in the enterprise world for more than a decade. You’d expect any things that need to be done from a data security perspective is already done somewhere and by someone.

Proactive tech support - New frontier, or yet another gimmick?

·2 mins
PCWorld reports that Dell’s Tech support will act proactively to correct the problems with your PC or device – before the problem occurs. In summary, Dell gets to know about potential problems in your PC and calls you to resolve those problems without any action required on your part.