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Things to Consider While Activating Siebel Workflows

·2 mins
Siebel workflows are indispensable for implementing business rules within the Siebel application. They provide a powerful, declarative framework for diagrammatically representing the logic that is easily maintainable, scalable across releases and less prone to errors and memory leaks.

Browser strategy for Siebel Open UI Applications

·4 mins
Siebel High Interactivity client, “HI” as it is lovingly known, is a simple world for admins. You select the Internet Explorer used in the organization. You copy the predeploy.htm for your own use and deploy the ActiveX controls through Windows admin tools, or just ask the user to click on Siebel URL and expect delays the first time.

Siebel High Interactivity Framework

·6 mins
Siebel High Interactivity, fondly called HI, was the default way of accessing Siebel application over the web or in offline mode - until Open UI made its debut. What is Siebel HI Framework?

The way of the Siebel logs

·6 mins
Logs are a standard way of debugging any software application, and Siebel is no exception. For anyone who have spent more than six months in Siebel, you will know this - although configuration can be done without referring the logs, you become a smart developer only when you see what is going on behind the scenes.

When to use PreCanInvoke vs. PreInvoke?

·3 mins
Siebel server scripting provides more than one option to do the same thing. Developers can use different methods available in the object to suit their needs. Often, any initial choice made in hurry, will become the standard for all future scripts.

Choose the correct sort mode

·3 mins
Sorting in Siebel is not all about specifying the sort criteria at the business component level ( though that works too!). You can also limit to the user to sort based on her own needs ( through the PDQ), or go more granular and enable specific sort specification in specific views.

When to use Named Search Spec?

·2 mins
Named Search Specification is a powerful little feature that is hidden away. It enables you to programmatically set the search specification relation to that cannot be cleared from the UI.

Delete orphaned files from Siebel FileSystem

·2 mins
It is quite easy to forget about filesystem. All that you do is to create a file in the application, an application is going to take care of moving the actual attachment to the file system and creating a record in the database.

Debugging Siebel Workflows

·3 mins
Though it seems improbable because of my questionable love for scripting, there is no love lost for workflows. I’m a big fan of workflows not only because they encourage modularity, are easy to configure and deploy, but also because - they’re really easy to debug.