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Siebel MVL vs. Link

·9 mins
Multivalue links and links are one of the basic configuration items in Siebel alongside joins . Although they form one of the foundational blocks for Siebel data model, it surprises me how misunderstood they are.

Free tool to analyse Siebel log files

·1 min
Siebel log files are not complex to analyse. But, you will end up spending a lot of time going back and forth, and navigating through hundreds of pages to carry out basic analysis.

SiebelLogaliser - Analyser of Log Files

·2 mins
Debugging Siebel log files is not exactly an exciting affair. You open log files, search for specific statements that you think will drill down to the error, make note of the performance of various SQL statements, and in general navigate through MBs of logs in the hope of locating the issue quickly.

The Long List Property

·1 min
You will see a property called “Long List” against picklists. Although it is often flagged as TRUE for dynamic picklists, there are seldom used against static LOVs. Siebel recommends that any picklist having more than 500 values must have the Long List property set to TRUE.

Concurrency control in Siebel

·3 mins
Siebel is an application accessed by users through browser. There is no external controls to prevent different users from working on the same record. The record may also be updated in the local database on Siebel Remote Client/Mobile devices.

Cursor modes in Siebel Queries

·2 mins
Siebel provides two cursor modes that can be employed for different purposes - unidirectional and bidirectional queries. The mode does not denote how Siebel queries for the record, but more on how the application traverses through the result set.

Julian Functions for Date Calculations

·2 mins
Requirements for calculating difference between two dates, getting a target date by adding number of days/hours, or working day calculations are quite common. Julian functions rescue us in most of those scenarios.

Siebel 8.1 Bookshelf

·2 mins
Siebel Bookshelf is invaluable. You get all product documentation from bookshelf. That includes but is not limited to- How do Siebel applications function? User/business scenarios for various Siebel applications Oracle recommended practices for design and development Explanation of Siebel Tools and Application capabilities The earlier way of accessing bookshelf was straightforward.