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Track User Behaviour in Siebel

·3 mins
A recent announcement of usage tracking feature introduced in Siebel 15.5 (thanks to Alex’s post) brought back more than a few memories. Application development is a funny business. As COTS product implementers, we try to understand the process, map them to what is available in the OOB solution, and negotiate a way forward for optimal usage of the product.

Siebel IP 2015 Installation

·4 mins
It is high time I try to learn something new in Siebel. The puny IP 2013 at work could not cough up anything exciting anymore, and so I decided it was time to move on to greener pastures.

Default Applet Focus

·2 mins
Siebel has straight forward rules to get an applet into focus when a view is painted. If the target view is a detail view, the default focus will be the second applet If the target view is a list view or if the view has only one applet, the focus is retained on the first applet This makes sense because you are drilling down from the source view to work on the details - which presumably (considering Siebel standards) is from second applet onwards.

Know Siebel Symbolic URL

·4 mins
Siebel Symbolic URL is one of the best ways to integrate external applications if you need to integrate at the UI level. If you are finding it difficult to digest the fact that Siebel supports multiple integration mechanisms, you can check out more on which integration method to use in Siebel ?

Update a calculated field in Siebel

·1 min
“Ha” you thought to yourself when you saw the title. What is this up to now? The premise is simple, really. Typical developer thought process: “calculated fields are read-only”. Reality: “you can edit calculated fields under special circumstances”.

Always create system of record for outbound emails

·3 mins
You can send emails from Siebel application in more than one way - Hit F9 on any record. Provided the record type is enabled for email sending, F9 will open up a popup applet where you can select the email recipient, template, make changes to final email and finally send the email.

Get a back-door when making fields read-only

·3 mins
There are several ways to make a field read-only. In fact I had written about the glorious ways to make a field read-only in Siebel . While you can apply any method you like as long as they work (and, they do work), developers often forget the fact that “a back door is needed in more ways than one”.

Automatically create activities for emails

·2 mins
When you use F9 option to send emails in Siebel, you can see an activity getting created automatically. This is true for multiple objects and is quite handy. For e.g. F9 in Contact creates an activity against Contact, the same holds good for account as well.