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New in Gartner Magic Quadrant for CRM 2013

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We have mostly expected news and somethings unexpected in the recent Gartner Magic Quadrant for CRM (2013). We talk about Sales Force Automation (SFA) here, since that is the most common talked about area.

  • SFDC is the leader and stands apart with a strong vision and ability to execute that vision
  • Oracle’s Siebel is firmly lodged in the leader quadrant as well, while Fusion CRM (now, Sales Cloud) finds itself with better vision and yet-to-prove execution score card
  • Microsoft CRM is the other strong contender in the leaders’ quadrant
  • SugarCRM is yet so close. With more enterprise customers this year, the ability to carry off ‘complex’ projects should be better proven next time
  • CRMnext, from India, is a new visionary and a surprise for me. Yes, they had been creating some good vibes locally in India, but it was worth noting that people in the upwards of 1000 users are using the product successfully

Take a peak at the quadrant here [not sure how this is open to the public though].