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IaaS for Siebel

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Recently we were evaluating options to cater to Siebel infrastructure needs of a customer external to their data center, and the most obvious choice was Amazon Web Services. It is not only that AWS is big, and the best known player in the market, but also that it provides the most flexible, more powerful options for any company looking to move out of its own data center. But to what extent was Amazon better was not clear at that time.

The reprint of the Gartner report (courtesy: Amazon) well outlined the statistics.Take a look at A few sailent points are worth noting from there.

  • Flexible pricing options and large no. of customers on the platform
  • Flexibility in offering dedicated or multi-tenant VMs, open to support private clouds
  • Data storage options using SSDs, with its own gateways
  • Network security through Amazon Virtual Private Cloud