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Get your own subdomain for your Salesforce application

·2 mins

Salesforce URLs are confusing. The custom applications are no different.

Even when they make the best effort, the turn out to be something like this -

This helpfully tells me that I am connected to NA server, and I am on a JSP page. Yay!

Most of us would like to see something like to be our default URL. It is quite easy to remember, and it just makes sense that I am awesome indeed.

Turns out you don’t require to crack into salesforce domains and test their security to make it happen. It also is true that you don’t need to be using sites to see the magic. All it needs is just a few clicks.

Go to your admin panel. Click on Administer > Domain Management > My Domain.

If you have not already selected a domain, you will be given an option to create a custom domain. get custom domains configured

Select your own awesome name. Unfortunately you can select only the subdomain, not the entire domain!

Hit “Check Availability” to verify whether it is already taken. Tough luck if it is.

Read and agree the terms, and click “Register Domain” to register the domain. Salesforce takes some time to actually make the whole thing happen.

Use your own subdomain from then on, and see your employees celebrate. configure custom domains