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Drop-down Instead of Pick Applets for Dynamic Picklists

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In Siebel, it is common knowledge that -

  • Static picklists are shown as values in a drop-down list on the field
    These are based on List of Values or Picklist Generic Business Component, and the values are defined in ‘List of Values’.
  • Dynamic picklists are shown using a pick applet on the underlying field.
    Based on any other business components, these are dynamically queried from the source. Users have to click on the pick icon to show the popup and select the value.

What if you want to show drop-down for dynamic picklists?

Crazy talk? Think again -

  • People don’t like additional clicks
  • Too many popup applets may get to the user’s head

It turns out that having a ‘static picklist like behaviour’ for dynamic picklists is easy in fact.

  • Just remove the pick applet from the control or list column against the field in the underlying applet
  • Ensure that ‘Long List’ property on the picklist is set to FALSE

No other changes are required- the picklist definition, pickmap definition remain the same. Users are going to see drop-downs instead of pickapplet icons.

Use caution though - do not attempt it for records that are more than 20. You are only going to confuse users and cause application stability issues as a bonus.