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CRM Messaging in OOW, 2013

·2 mins

CRM has been traditionally important for Oracle and forms a significant part of the apps strategy. But the messaging of CRM was merged into CX in the recent Oracle Open World (2013) with no separate stand on its own.

  • Sales Cloud was provided some space, but nothing was significant (
  • I could not find any new message from Service or Marketing Clouds – both are new, and still being integrated?
  • OBI (finds a place here since it tends to work well with Siebel) was showcased for the cloud service alone

Compare this to the key note messages on in-memory databases, and cloud solutions, and we can get a scale of how much CRM has relegated to the background. Probably it was their strategy to cover CRM under the umbrella of CX, but that has not showcased the future plan for CRM or the scores of CRM applications that Oracle supports today.

I can completely understand that Oracle is talking things they think customers want to hear, and where they see market demand. Also, I do not expect messages like in-memory databases/database-as-a-service to be overshadowed easily or, applications to have something radical in each OOW. But the lack of information is a significant message about the rate of improvements in the CRM space.

Of course it is another story that CRM was a part of technical sessions. This touched upon all hot topics of the day including Open UI (the exciting news of what is supported in v8.1.1.11), and the applications on cloud. More updates as I find them.