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Siebel Tools

Free tool to analyse Siebel log files

·1 min
Siebel log files are not complex to analyse. But, you will end up spending a lot of time going back and forth, and navigating through hundreds of pages to carry out basic analysis.

How to debug Siebel Script faster?

·5 mins
Siebel scripting is powerful. But, frustratingly slow to create - thanks to the slow debugging process in Siebel. When you are writing scripts, you follow a simple process - Select a specific event in the Applet, BC or Application Create the script (hopefully review it) Compile script Test, and find something that is not working Rinse, and repeat In the age of dynamic languages, this introduces a slow process for script development.

Excel-based tool to query database

·4 mins
I am a Siebel developer when I am not doing anything else. And, since most of the times I don’t do something else, and at those times I cannot gainfully employ myself doing Siebel work, I end up doing something stupid.

Siebel UI Field Mapper

·4 mins
Often Siebel integration developers, Siebel developers themselves and other people who tend to show an interest in Siebel development from time to time, would want to know the source of all mysteries or rather, the source of a control displayed on the UI.

Batch Script to Compile Siebel SRF (and more)

·5 mins
Siebel Tools command-line syntax can be easily employed to be used in Windows OS to compile the Siebel Repository Files (SRF). Although this has been a part of Tools for quite sometime now, it is quite surprising to find many implementations using manual means to manage SRFs.