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Salesforce Integration

Simple Inbound REST API Using Apex

·5 mins
There are multiple options to create REST APIs to expose Salesforce data and processes, some of the popular ones being - Directly use Object APIs Use composite APIs: Tie multiple APIs together in one call.

Using JWT to Invoke External Service in Salesforce

·3 mins
JSON Web Token, or JWT, is a way to enable authentication and get you access to a resource. It is a digitally signed token that can be used for authentication across parties, and is a self-contained way to transfer information and include claims to specified resources.

Retrieve SFDC Attachments using REST

·5 mins
Salesforce changed the way files are managed with Lightning Spring 17 release, and this introduced a more elaborate procedure to reach the files from external systems. The API call is not as straight-forward as retrieving the ‘body’ to get file content (which was the case earlier).