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Perils of early go-live

·2 mins
Most IT projects I have seen suffer from the low-estimate syndrome. I take full responsibility for projects I own and execute, since I behave like an idiot and be too aggressive when it is not required.

What constitutes Customer Relationship Management?

·2 mins
Really. What constitutes CRM? If I can put it down in bullets, they would probably be: Know who your current and potential customer is (hitherto known simply as ‘customer’) Engage your customer and “manage” all touch points with customer Know what customer is telling you and about you directly and indirectly Know your own performance against your stated objectives regarding customer A few thoughts on why only four points are below.

Custom CRM? You must be joking.

·5 mins
A not-so-recent question on Quora, custom crm vs non-custom crm, asked whether custom (=built from scratch) solutions for CRM are better than the standard products. The question kind of tried to answer itself by pointing to a comparison of custom vs.

Zoho CRM is functional and beautiful

·3 mins
Zoho CRM has been on the CRM scene for quite sometime now, and find mentions regularly in analyst reviews and findings. Although I have tried it before, I did not come back impressed - Zoho CRM had limited feature set, was not extensible, and did not look or function well.

What CRM software buyers are looking for?

·3 mins
SoftwareAdvice has released a report on CRM software preferences from “5,279 interactions between Jan-Aug, 2013” with prospective CRM buyers. Does this cover all that CRM software buyers are looking for? Read on to find out more.

Airtel's not-so-bright customer story

·2 mins
As most of us here in India understand, customer service is not on top of the list of any of the ‘mass’ service providers. The reason is simple - no matter how bad your service is, either there are no better alternatives, or the churn is so much that you simply do not care.

Twitter puts its customers first

·1 min
I don’t understand Twitter too well - even when it is being evaluated as a $31 billion company after the first day of trading in NYSE at $44.90. But, what got me excited was the way Twitter found its way of putting its customers (users) first.

HootSuite is the future of CRM

·2 mins
HootSuite is today known as a social media management system. HootSuite is not quite new and is in existence since 2008. HootSuite has been long used for brand management across the social media by individuals and organizations.