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ActiveX error on Mobile Client after Siebel Patchset install

·2 mins

After installing a recent patchset, Siebel HI developer client started throwing an unexpected error message for mobile clients.

siebel activex error after patchset install

The message simply said –

Your version of the Siebel High Interactivity Framework for IE, required for use of this Siebel application, may not be current. In order to download a current version of the Siebel High Interactivity Framework, ensure that your browser security settings are correct and then log in to the application again. Consult your system administrator for details about the Siebel High Interactivity Framework and correct browser settings.

OK #

Even after deleting the ActiveX controls previously installed in Internet Explorer, the error did not go away. Logs were not quite helpful, and no errors were reported.

What we eventually found out what that the above error message was misleading.

If Siebel could not install ActiveX controls because of any reason, it seems to believe that there is a single point of failure and displays the above message.

The solution is straightforward. Just go back to basics on what can prevent Siebel installing the ActiveX controls. Typically ActiveX controls cannot install because you/your organization would have disabled Internet Explorer from installing unsigned ActiveX controls.

You can check this in Internet Explorer Tools menu > Options > Security tab > Select the zone which your local client belongs to (localhost typically is in ‘Local Intranet’) > set the “Download unsigned ActiveX controls” to “Prompt”.

siebel internet explorer activex security settings

This setting will enable Siebel to install the Siebel ActiveX control in your computer. As you expected this also resolves the problem.

If you do not have privileges to change this setting, you can try changing the following parameter in Siebel CFG file.


A TRUE value will ensure that the local client is not referred to by the full computer name. Typically the full computer name including the domain (e.g. MY_COMPUTER.CRMCOG.COM) will have lesser security threshold, and should allow unsigned controls.

Alternatively you can try logging on to the Siebel server if it is on the same patchset. That should also install the ActiveX controls provided you have installation privileges.

If your organization is one of those that does not trust anyone including its own computers, you always have the option of calling up network support to get the ActiveX controls installed (time to remember what predeploy.htm can do).